Here's What Happened While LeBron Held The NBA Hostage

While most of the world spent the past two weeks grilling, drinking, and tracking the flight arrangements of 7-foot-3 Lithuanians, there were a handful of basketball players who did order some moving vans in the early portion of the free agency period. In case you missed it while waiting for a lowercase-d decision, I… » 7/13/14 10:09pm 7/13/14 10:09pm

No, his performances these past two matches were above-average at best; Netherlands and Germany also arguably boast the two deepest, strongest defensive midfields and did incredible jobs of gameplanning to take away all the spaces he loves to operate in. He wasn't able to overcome that today, or Wednesday, but that's… » 7/13/14 7:19pm 7/13/14 7:19pm

And no one realizes it, but Bosh isn't a bad defender at all (which Wade is now, not even counting the fact that he hasn't played transition D since the Bush administration). No, he's not going to bang in the paint for 35 minutes a night, but neither is the guy he's guarding — he blitzes ballhandlers on the p&r better… » 7/10/14 8:45pm 7/10/14 8:45pm

I do agree that DHs (Jesus, that's a weird word/acronym to pluralize) should face a higher hitting threshold for enshrinement, but there are plenty of players currently in the Hall who offered either neutral or negative defensive value and are in solely based on their offensive contributions. » 7/08/14 11:27am 7/08/14 11:27am

I'm right with you until the last sentence. Soccer non-fans shouldn't give a shit what soccer fans enjoy or talk about — there's plenty to watch, read about and talk about that isn't World Cup soccer. But the same is true for the NBA; you don't have to "endure" shit. If you don't like it, don't consume… » 7/02/14 6:58pm 7/02/14 6:58pm

Kyle — I think the upper-right corner of the 2004 graph is Pavel Podkolzin, who was listed at 7'5 and 300+. Ramos is probably the one to the left of him, at about 7'3 or so. I spent way too much time on as a high schooler from 2001-2005, and loved scouting the international behemoths that didn't know how… » 6/30/14 11:48am 6/30/14 11:48am

The "good Lance" isn't that good though. On his best days, few and far between, he's a poor man's Iguodala, whom I love. On his more frequent normal days, he'll shoot poorly, play pretty good defense when he's not being an obnoxious clown, and hope the officials let him bully his opponents. Basically, Lance is the… » 5/29/14 11:58am 5/29/14 11:58am

Barry, I did a bit of digging on Fangraphs after the HR, and the new leader in PA without a home run is...Ryan Dempster! Among position players, Brock Holt (at just 216 plate appearances) now wears the crown, which shows just how insanely rare Revere's powerless drought was. » 5/28/14 11:17am 5/28/14 11:17am