I’m really starting to think he and Wes are going to San Antonio as a package deal. Duncan/Manu retire, they renounce the rest of the guys. Aldridge gets max, they’re able to pick up Matthews at closer to $5MM than $10 because of the injury, then go to Kawhi and say “Decide whether you want the max this summer, or… » 4/26/15 12:39pm Yesterday 12:39pm

Awesome piece IMG — I’m not going to watch, because I’m not a huge boxing fan, and this fight is about six years too late. But for a true fan and boxing writer like yourself, how do you reconcile tacit promotion of BOTH of these guys (Pacquiao is no angel either) by buying/watching/commenting on the fight? I’ve found… » 4/26/15 10:22am Yesterday 10:22am

In terms of it being a Yahoo vs. ESPN thing, you’re absolutely right, for the most part — having something on Twitter 90 seconds before everyone else is meaningless. But responsible outlets will still put “as first reported by Yahoo! Sports” or whatever in their actual stories/analyses, which ([VERY] theoretically)… » 4/23/15 10:25pm Thursday 10:25pm

Anywhere between late lottery and mid-20s, depending on team need and how he officially grades out in terms of size and athleticism. He’s not going to be a team’s top guy, or even second- or third-best player, but as a stretch big who can knock down some shots on the perimeter, he can absolutely be a good player on a… » 4/07/15 7:41am 4/07/15 7:41am

It was definitely funny at the time, and it’s crazy easy to make fun of him for it, but think about it from his perspective — if I were Sosa’s lawyer, I certainly wouldn’t be willing to let him testify in front of Congress in anything other than his native language. Sure, he may have a competent grasp of English, but… » 4/06/15 12:35pm 4/06/15 12:35pm

If my social circle is a representative sample, I’d guess 20 is still the most popular Eagles jersey to buy. One of my buddies was deciding whether to have his girlfriend get him Shady or Maclin as a Christmas present, I convinced him to go with a kelly-green Cunningham instead. » 4/04/15 2:17pm 4/04/15 2:17pm